Beyond Stars Rebels

real-life escape room delivered to your home

We provide you with a full-fledged two-hour adventure for a team of faraway galaxy lovers

Play at home with your friends and family!
After payment we will send you all necessary materials and detailed instructions by e-mail
We will assemble the escape game and post it to you or you will print the materials by yourself
Then choose your time to be involved in your personal two-hour adventure in the world of star warfare

A powerful empire plans to destroy the rebel base in 60 minutes.

You are the last hope for survival

Infiltrate a secret facility
Explore the interstellar imperial base
  • альтернативный текст

    Find its weak spot and sabotage it

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    Your mystery friend will stay in touch with you via the chat

  • альтернативный текст

    Together you can destroy the insidious plans of the ruler of the empire

Order an escape room and check how quickly you can cope with the tasks

The mysterious message from an abandoned spaceship entails an unexpected adventure!

Deal with all the arcana

Space puzzles await you
A complicated story will lead you to the stars
Сall your friends to join you in an adventure!
Can you save the Rebellion?

Beyond Stars Rebels is suitable for all lovers of adventure and space.

The script complexity is designed for players of 12+

Strongly recommended for lovers of space movies
Fascinating story
Our scriptwriters filled this adventure with unexpected twists and an interesting denouement
Unique challenges
The challenges and puzzles are unique. We create them ourselves and don’t use cheap serial tricks
Detailed instructions
We will help you understand the game using the instructions that will be part of the game. Don’t worry — you will definitely succeed
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Komnata Quest is the biggest escape room network in the world

Our escape rooms hosted in the US, Europe and Asia

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Our awards

In fall 2017 Komnata was voted the best escape room company in the USA in a poll by the oldest American nationwide newspaper USA Today.

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What do our customers say?

Komnata Quest has quickly become one of my favorite brands in the US. Their games carry a distinctly different flavor that's always satisfying, compelling and engaging.
Chris Moschella
If you want to have fun and add some brainy hours to the next evening - just try this. This is a game that quietly takes you to the stars.
Anna Smith

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If you choose online delivery, you'll have to print an 11-sheet workbook by yourself to play the game. No printer? No problem. Just choose the Royal Mail option, and we will assemble the workbook and post it to you.


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